Frequently Asked Questions

How do i contact HCT

You can phone us, e-mail us or drop in during office hours.

What will it cost?

You will have to come to our offices.  Talking to us and using most of our services will not cost you at all.  If you take up the option of counselling there is a charge.  This can often be met by the disability allowance for those on a benefit.  If you are not on a benefit we have a scale of fees that will ensure you can access the service.  Our counselling Co-ordinator discusses this with each client at the start of the process

How do I donate goods to the Opportunity Shop?

Clean saleable items can be donated directly to our staff at the shop.  For larger items please contact either the shop, our main office or message on Facebook.

What happens when I contact HCT?

We will make a time to meet with you and talk about what help you need and how we can assist.  You then decide what you would like to do or take time to think things over.  We will listen to you and work at your pace.  Your children are welcome to come with you.

What does wrap around care mean?

This term means that we can provide food, budgeting advice, counselling, clothing, furniture, support workers, information and someone to help you out when dealing with situations you are struggling with.  We will do everything that we can to help relieve poverty, deal with immediate needs and improve your coping skills.

How can I donate food items for the Foodbank?

Please phone the office and they will put you in contact with one of the Community Service Workers.  Small donations can be delivered to reception.  Arrangements can be made to pick up larger donations.  We actively encourage everyone in our community to think and act about those who struggle to feed themselves and their families.  The generosity of the community reflects the heart of the community.