Community Support Workers

The Hope Community Trust has two part-time Community Support Workers.  Each has different areas of responsibility but both are there to ensure you are listened to, treated with dignity and given as much help as possible within our wrap-around-care model.

Any government department, community agency or medical practitioner can refer you or you can phone us and make a time to talk to us.  If you drop in without an appointment we may not be able to see you that day.

Gail helps with the foodbank, budgeting advice, advocacy, clothing, furniture and other concerns as they pop up.  With loads of life experience and genuine warmth Gail is easy to talk to.

Sandra leads the community garden, the drop-in-centre, Friday lunch bar-b-que, clothing, furniture, Fruit & Vege co-operative and works wherever there is need.  She provides a safe and respectful space used by just about everyone who is involved with the Trust.  The aim is to support you and empower you.  We will journey with you for as long as is needed until a natural conclusion is reached.

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