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We are an incorporated society providing social services to those in need within the North Canterbury area.  Please follow this link to the New Zealand Charities Commission.  Our Trust Deed and annual accounts are available at this website.  Trustees provide our leadership and governance.

In the beginning we were under the auspices of the Rangiora Baptist Church and meeting the needs of those displaced by the natural disasters.  As the recovery phases changed we adapted to the new needs and ongoing distress that the community presented with.  It was in 2012 we became a registered charity.

We are politically and socially aware, particularly around the areas of homelessness, poverty, mental health and social isolation.  The Trust works in partnership with government and private agencies to assist those in need and feed awareness and information back to the decision makers and funders.

Our service model is to provide wrap around care to those who are in need rather than dealing with needs in a piecemeal fashion.  We aim to provide the highest quality care possible.

Our values are integrity, respect and empowerment.  We achieve this through being transparent about what we do and why we do it.  Respect means that we don’t put in any barriers to accessing our services plus listening to the reality of those we serve.  For us empowerment is about ensuring anyone that we work with feels better about themselves and their situation.  They will also be capable of implementing new skills and understandings enabling them to be less dependent upon state and charitable services.

As a social service provider we know that what we do works.  We collate our success stories and are regularly reviewing service provision and feedback so we don’t become complacent or inflexible.  Our community continues to support us with ongoing referrals.

With the establishment of the professional counselling service we have added an important service to our care model.  This has been very successful and the demand is continuing to grow with referrals from MSD, Corrections and local medical practitioners.

It is our contention that physical needs often require emotional support especially in circumstances surrounding poverty, mental health issues and impairments to effective coping with general life.

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